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Where to Post the Bundles

The distribution files must be uploaded to a directory, named after the release version, in the website's releases folder using ftp. Links on the website downloads page ( and the wiki downloads page will link to this location.

Speak to someone on the project core team about ftp access.

Update References to the Release


When Infusion changes, the Infusion Builder must be redeployed using the latest Infusion. For instructions, see Deploying the Infusion Builder.

Website Demos

ssh into the website, navigating to the directory where the distribution files were uploaded to, and unpack the source distribution into the current directory. Alternatively, you can do this before uploading to the server. The website does not link directly to the demos, but rather redirects to it. Log into CMSMS with admin privledges. Navigate to the Infusion Demos page (Content > Pages > Infusion Demo). Under the "Main" tab, update url in the content area. Next click on the "Options" tab and update the url in the Page Specific Metadata area. Make sure to submit the changes.A new release should be added on the GitHub release page ( ). This should include the text from the announcement as well as uploads of the source and minified builds.